Zoë van Baaren was born in Stirling, Scotland where an inevitable love of whisky, tartan, and gardening was fostered.  As her globe trotting parents moved around the world; Zoë and her mum gardened in the tropics of Indonesia, with the four seasons of New England, and in the verdant countryside of Southern England.  Even with all that dirt under her nails, she ended up in New York City with a camera slung over her shoulder. Zoë and her husband had a successful photography career in the Big Apple.  They were known for their color, style, and whimsy.  While Zoë spent time behind the camera she was also involved with creating and styling their images.  However, even with all their success, she was aching for nature.  After 15 years in an urban metropolis, they made their move to the Pacific Northwest.

They found a beautiful home near the Japanese Garden that was ideal for growing flowers.  During the wet dark days of winter, she scours resources for anything that can be picked and put in a vase: unique flowers like Irish poet, uncommon clematis varieties and the most romantic roses.  The edibles she likes to grow might include strawberry spinach, tamarillo berries, and glorious sprigs of plum basil.  

When you buy flowers from Garden Riot you become part of the partnership. From our bees who pollinate the blossoms, the 3 horses in Scappoose who supply the (well, you know) fertilizer, and by Zoë and her family who lovingly tend the beds year round.