Flower Arrangements

Garden Riot offers flower service from our seasonal organic garden.



If you’ve ever signed up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), this is the same sort of deal.  By paying one sum upfront you will help Garden Riot buy all the necessary ingredients to grow from seed, the most beautiful downtown blooms.

We offer 2 basic flower subscriptions: 8 or 16 weeks, from June to September.  With our 8 week subscription you may pick up your arrangement every other week or indulge yourself with our 16 week subscription for an endless show of seasonal beauty.  The arrangements are created in a vase that we fill to the brim with our gorgeous flowers.  Every arrangement will be a little different so you can be sure you have something special.  Your flowers will be cut from our garden on the morning of your pick up.  We are located off of West Burnside, near the Rose Garden! 

Our subscription runs from June to September.  If you are unable to pick up your arrangement then you are going to make your best friend very happy, gift your arrangement to a family member or friend, no worries.

When you come for your flowers it will soon be obvious how we got the name, Garden Riot.


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